“A photograph, no less than a poem, is a metaphor, not the world. The camera, not
the print, is the window"
- Elliot Weinberger

My camera has always been an extension of my body, a natural viewfinder which
focuses on the seen and unseen realities I encounter. I use the camera to explore
my vision and process my perspective on the world.

I invite the viewer to be as much a part of the photo as I have been when taking it.
No one point of view is correct, no one poem can encompass all feelings.

In this body of work I have tried to create a unique and intimate connection
between the marginalized Merasi women of North West India, and the viewer. The
Merasi women are born into enormous hardships in every aspect of their daily
lives. The women attend to the roles of mother, wife, musician and caretaker of
the home. These photographs were taken with the trust of the community and the
women, lending a sensitive cultural eye and heart towards them.

During my time in the Merasi community I relied heavily on my camera as a
tool to understand and to connect with the culture, the Merasi community and the
Merasi women. My photographs can be viewed as the voice of the silenced