“I’ve not learned

the acceptable way of saying

you fascinate me

I’ve not learned

how to say I like you

without frightening people


sometimes I see things

that aren’t really there

like warmth and kindness

when people are mean

but sometimes I see things

like fear and want to soothe it

or fatigue and want to share it

or love and want to receive it.”

- Nikki Giovanni

 In my photographs I have found a comfortable way to share myself without the feeling of being stripped and left with nothing. Through the balancing of anonymity and openness these photographs are presented. The groupings were developed through the recognition of dialogue between pieces, which finally reached the truest juxtaposition that spoke best to one another. This portrait series develops a subtle understanding of where I am centered in this world. I have incorporated the written word/ poetry to capture the fleeting reality we pass through. The visual representations of my innermost dialogue comes from my emotional and spiritual reality. My physical body is captured in blacks, whites, and grays, while my soul communicates in a more ephemeral manner.